June 25, 2024

‘Yoga Girl’ Rachel Brathen Informs us How She Calms Anxious Thoughts

Rachel Brathen-or Yoga Girl, as you may know her-is the founding father of the?mindfulness and yoga video platform oneOeight.com. She also is committed to giving back, and leads social mission trips all over the world through her nonprofit, 109 World. As well as, Brathen?boasts?an impressive Two million followers on Instagram, who, like us, are?hooked on her beautiful but real-world Aruba Life. We chatted with Brathen about love yoga, how she calms anxious thoughts, how it is really like to be a social networking star, and much more.

31 weeks today!???? Feeling good with a lot of energy still – people keep telling me these are the most difficult weeks but to date so great. Poppy has begun kicking me within the bladder so difficult I almost pee my pants five times a day that is less fun, and I'm having some pelvic girdle pain within the mornings which makes lifting myself out of bed tricky (Dennis needs to assist me to and cracks up the whole time)?? But once I'm up… I'm up! Still practicing yoga and yes, still inverting if this feels right. Benefiting from pressure off my hips feels really good even though balance is trickier than usual (but please note that I've practiced yoga for more than a decade, teach as a living and know my body system perfectly – I wouldn't put many almost 8-month women that are pregnant inside a handstand). We are super busy using the @island.yoga studio these days – only five days until our grand opening! I'm glad I have all of this energy because I actually need it??????? Wishing all of you an attractive Tuesday! #pregnancy #31weeks #yogaeverydamnday

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“I were built with a large amount of lower back pain. At first, my practice really was restorative, calm, and centered on healing. After i got over my lower back pain and my fear of hurting myself more, I noticed, ‘Wow, my body system could be strong and flexible, and I’m learning all these things I i never thought I possibly could do.’ Yoga started getting really fun for the first time.”

“Coconut oil. I usually do Twenty minutes of oil pulling every day to cleanse my mouth. Oh, along with a tongue scraper.”

“Trust that life goes where you’re designed to go. The bad stuff-it winds up being something which, hopefully, we are able to think back at and say, ‘Oh, this catapulted me into some exciting change.'”

“I wish to motivate people to be brave and share their stories. You can make a whole positive movement happen just by sharing an emotion and being raw. Sure, you probably have more ‘likes’ from the more meaningless things, like whenever you post a bikini shot, but that is not what resonates deep with people and empowers them.”

“You must find a residential area and a teacher you really vibe with. There needs to be another purpose than just having a better body.”