May 26, 2024

Pregnant? Eat catch your baby’s intelligence

A recent study found an explanation for that correlation between eating fish while being pregnant, and the health from the baby’s brain. Dietary lipid contains essential fatty acids including omega-6 and omega-3, which have been essential nutrients for some animals and humans. The study group, led by Professor Noriko Osumi, found that a comprehensive consumption of lipids by pregnant women is necessary with the normal brain formation on the unborn child. Within a animal study, they remarked that when female mice were fed an omega-6-rich/omega-3-poor diet, their off-springs were born with a smaller brain and showed abnormal emotional behavior in adulthood. (Read: 6 reasons to begin eating fatty fish today)

This is extremely important since people in a great many countries as of late have similarly poor dietary patterns and tend to consume more seed oils that are rich in omega-6 efas less fish abundant in omega-3 body fat. The newest study took this premise further and dedicated to the effects of dietary lipids on the brain formation. This research has become published in Stem Cells. (Read: Fish compound can cope with cardiovascular disease)

Sourec: ANI